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Ultimate Swimming Pools LLC is a company committed to provide unmatched services in swimming pool maintenance and repair works.  Staffed by experienced maintenance engineers and dedicated workers, it offers solutions to a wide range of pool-related problems, including water treatments, filtration problems, pipe and liner leaks, restoration and renovation and building maintenance works.


The company is relentless in its pursuit to provide first class service, which puts premium on clients’ needs.




A leading company dedicated to delivering unparalleled services in the pool industry by combining unquestionable professional expertise and product excellence




  • To provide unmatched services in swimming pool construction, maintenance, and outdoor living enhancements
  • To provide top of the line products
  • To provide excellent customer care in the industry



  1. Pool construction
    a. Concrete pool
    b. Fiberglass pool
  1. Swimming pool maintenance
    a. Swimming pool cleaning
    b. Maintaining chlorine and ph level
    c. Water chemical balancing
    d. Microbiological test
  1. Electromechanical works
    a. Pump repair
    b. Filter service
    c. Electrical and plumbing rectification
    d. Update colored LED lights
    e. Heater/Chiller repair and restoration
  1. Restoration and renovation
    a. Leak detection and rectification
    b. Retiling


Contact Information:


Main contact:  Engr. Richard “Jun” S. Estrada III

Email: jun@ultimatepoolsdxb.com

Mobile: 052-211-2804


Office: Al Barsha 1 Dusseldorf business point building Rm. 404


Website: ultimatepoolsdxb.com




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