Fiberglass Pool


Fibre glass pools come in any size and shape. Pools can be heated to extend the swimming season and can be installed with fibre optic lights for night swimming. They are molded pools that are installed in your yard in one piece. Fibre glass is a strong, lightweight material that is constructed by weaving small glass threads into fabric and hardening the fabric with a special polyester resin. A smooth finish is made by adding weather-resistant gel. Because they are so smooth, fibre glass pools are more resistant to algae formation and maintain more stable pH levels.

A great advantage is that fibre glass pools can usually be installed in one to three days. The time frame varies depending on how long electrical work and excavation of the pool site takes.

A fibre glass pool generally costs more than concrete pools or pools with vinyl liners, but fibre glass pools don’t require periodic surface re-plastering or liner replacement.

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