Maintaining Chlorine and PH level


One of the biggest parts of pool care is maintaining the chemical balance in your pool. Chemistry is key to keeping your pool clean, as well as making it a safe, pleasant environment for swimming. Chemicals like chlorine are used to keep algae and bacteria under control, while chemicals like muriatic acid keep the pH levels of your pool’s water balanced. You’ll need test strips and a drop kit to check and maintain chlorine and pH levels. It also is important to keep a consistent volume of water in your pool; a lower-than-normal level can make your chemicals too intense and a higher-than-normal level can dilute them and make them ineffective. Improper water levels will also have detrimental effect on filtration and circulation.

The ideal range for pH in swimming pool water is 7.0 – 7.6. The pH of our eyes is typically 7.2 – 7.4. In our experience, if the pH is kept at the same level as that in our eyes, the side-effects of burning red eyes is kept to a minimum. The ability of chlorine to disinfect at this level is also optimal.

Our expert technicians ensure to check chlorine and PH level during every visit so you can enjoy clean water and stay healthy!!!